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сонячна багіня

а я хочу то, что вижу, а вижу я то, чего нет

Kings Of Convenience - sorry or pleace
Five weeks in a prison, I made no friends
There's more time to be done, but I've got a week to spend
I didn't pay much attention first time around
But now you're hard not to notice, right here in my town
Where the stage of my old life meets the cast of the new
Tonights actors: Me and You

Each day is taking us closer
While drawing the curtains to close
This far, or further, I need to know
Your increasingly long embraces
Are they saying sorry or please?
I don't know what's happening, help me

Through the streets, on the corners, there's a scent in the air
I ask you out and I lead you, I know my way around here
There's a bench I remember, and on the way there I find
That the movements you're making, are mirrored in mine
And your hand is held open, intentionally
Or just what I want to see?

Your increasingly long embraces
Are they saying sorry or please?
I don't know what's happening, help me
I don't normally beg for assistance
I rely on my own eyes to see
But right now they make no sense to me
Right now you make no sense to me

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Kings Of Convenience - The Passenger
I didn't know you were there
until you said "hello."
You had been watching me
for I don't know how long.
I hit my head against the lamp,
as by surprise I stood up.
"Don't be afraid," you said,
"it's only me- The door wasn't locked."
The voice I'd heard in the hall
was hard to recognise.
But now we know he's onboard,
wearing our disguise.
If only you and I could trust
each other through this,
then together we could
work out who
the enemy is.

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ist thema

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приснилось сегодня, что возникло дикое желание уехать из этой страны, в смеси с отторжением и отвращением к этому месту. Странные чувства во сне, идущие в разрез с моим состоянием сейчас, где я наслаждаюсь солнцем, прогулками по городу и внутренней гармонией.
Но во сне моей самой большой проблемой было то, что я не хотела и боялась уезжать одна, а ехать со мной было некому и я оставалась и страдала в разрываемом ветрами ненависти и хаоса пространстве.

P.S. 6 день аскезы. Закладывает уши и немеет кончик языка. Смею предположить, что потребность говорить и делится информацией все возрастает.


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Kings Of Convenience - Misread


вот такой вот взгляд на жизнь

Небольшая серия артворк с новой моделью - Ксюшей в шикарных интерьерах Нью Йорка
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